Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Green banana leaf

Last year I had started a blog under a different sign-in name. In fact, I had opened adukkala before that, but did not feel like posting in it. So, this one, Green Banana Leaf was supposed to carry all that I'm now telling through adukkala. And, I had not made adukkala public at that time.

Now, I'm a bit confused. For one thing, I love that title - Green Banana Leaf. And, I like the couple of posts I made in it. I think Antony of Bachelor Cooking visited it once. But, not many people had found it. Here's the link -
Green Banana Leaf - do check it out. I thought of copying the posts onto adukkala. But then though I'd guide you over there.

Well, may be I could maintain both. In some different ways. May be.


Inji Pennu said...

Hi Renu,
Well I am so glad your father could find some of his students! Hehehe now no more gossips from Irinjaalakkuda? :-)

I was a big fan of your dad's stories too! My warm regards to that great man. It would be great if he can blog too , esp in Malayalam!

I am copying and pasting what I posted to Sarah and Archana on how to write in Malayalam.

Check this link below.

There is two sections. How to read. So install Anjali. I think you already have anjali since you can read.

Now, then you need to write.Go to the How to Write section. For that, install Mozhi Keymap.

When you isntall it, a small square will be installed on your task bar. If you click it you can make it to Malayalam and just like that start typing and it will become Malayalam in the comment section. For English you can switch it back to English. The beauty of this is you can evensearch in Google in Malayalm,since on IE you can write malayalam directly with MozhiKeymap.

This shows you how to write letters.

Please do let me know if you have any doubts. I am all willing to help you. You can ask the me the sillest doubts...Okay? So dont worry!


There are lot of great people out there who will help you in each and every step once you start a Malayalam blog!

Inji Pennu said...

In my opinion, If you can merge both the blogs,it would be just great! You can write Recipe on the heading,if it is a recipe.

Sumitha said...

I too love the name Green banana leaf,wow!its a beautiful name,have found lots of stuff to go through in your blog Renu:)